Blanco – Logistics Running for E-commerce (SAP LE and WM)

Blanco – Logistics Running for E-commerce (SAP LE and WM)

ASPA has successfully completed the implementation of a logistics project solution based on SAP, to cover the shipping and returns processes to final customer orders for the new e-commerce platform of BLANCO.

The solution is based on SAP LE and SAP WM modules and includes the integration of them with e-commerce platform, as well as with other partners in the logistics chain execution.

The project had 6 months duration and the implemented solution has been specifically developed for BLANCO. Given that new processes of direct and reverse logistics have been defined to cover the specific needs of new sales e-commerce channel, it has also introduced a special warehouse layout process for e-commerce, with refueling operations of stock, picking, preparation and issuing, specific to this business process.

The logistics solution implementation is integrated with the e-commerce platform for checking availability of stock, to receive orders and confirmation of delivery. It has also been integrated with scales and also with the transport operator to send deliveries to end customers and perform the tracking state of them.



Blanco is a Spanish Multinational Company, dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of all kinds of accessories and clothing for the young urban woman and man. The company offers the latest fashion trends in their own outlets.

The chain is composed, as of today, over 200 stores, including Spain, Portugal, UK and Saudi Arabia, all located in the main areas of the major cities and in the most prestigious shopping centers. They also have nearly 2,000 employees among the stores staff and the people who work at the headquarters and logistics platform.

In addition to creating a unique product, its goal is to offer fashion to their customers and make shopping a pleasant experience. Its target is a young urban audience that demands fashion and quality at reasonable prices. The company sells 18 million apparels a year and has highly optimized logistics processes that minimize the time of supply of goods, with the objective of receiving new models every week.