ASPA Fashion Accelerator for hybris

How to meet fashion customer needs in a flexible and consistent way in an environment with a dizzying evolution.

In today´s world, brands and fashion retailers face disconcerting challenges in the mobile, digital and Omnichannel commerce age. It is necessary a continuous reinvention, differentiating from the competence, expanding internationally and remaining competitive.
Nowadays, customers demand rich and customized experiences in terms of content; they claim to be able to interact with brands and do it through any channel, from any place, at any time of day or night.

«»Customers meet brands, not channels». Because of this, brands need to provide a consistent customer experience through any channel.»


In this context, ASPA has developed the Omnichannel e-commerce solution, focused in the fashion and accessories industry and based on the hybris; platform; a solution that optimizes the user experience and covers the 100% of the sector companies needs.
Paul Handerbrie is the reference store developed by ASPA team, the result of our experience in the development of omnichannel solutions for the retail world. Its implementation is quick, allows integration with other existing systems (ERP, CRM…) in an easy way, achieving a shorter time-to-market.
Among other functionalities, our reference store Paul Handerbrie relies on an exclusive front design, based on our experience in the industry, that will provide the following advantages:

  • Full-responsive design, adapted to the most common sizes of devices: Desktop, horizontal Tablet, vertical Tablet and Smartphone.
  • Improves the purchasing experience with a design that increases the useful space per page and allows to hide menus and edit filters.
  • Minicart and Wishlist from any page.
  • Advanced functionalities from the product´s grid.
  • Intuitive access to check-out and sales order historic.
  • Enhanced/enriched information of sales order historic.
  • Cross-selling, recommendations and shares in RRSS.
  • Advanced store locator.


But Paul Handerbrie is not only an attractive «Front», in our reference store, some of the best practices in the fashion world are also included, implemented through ASPA Fashion Add-ons for hybris.

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