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Hybris OmniCommerce ™ gives you the state-of-the-art technology in master data management and multichannel commerce processes that drive the future of commerce.

Natively Form “Multi-Multi”

  • Multichannel through any point of contact or device

  • Multi-site, maximizing flexibility and branding

  • Multi-language, multi-currency for global trade.

The More Advanced User Experience

  • Integrated web content management

  • Advanced customization capabilities

  • Integration with Adobe Experience Manager

  • Integrated with Bazaarvoice.

Vertical for Telecom and Editors

  • Subscriptions Catalog

  • Dynamic management of product and service packages

  • Guided selling that makes easy the complex decisions

Integral Trade Functionality

  • Qualified «Leader» by Gartner

  • Qualified «Leader» by Forrester

  • Among the top 2 or 3 platforms in the world

Extensive B2B sales functionality

  • Multiple customizable catalogs

  • Multiple price lists

  • Cost Center Accounting, approval workflows, RFP

  • Management of complex sales processes, order history, pending orders, repeated orders, etc.

Integrated Order Management

  • Online shopping, pickup in store

  • Inventory visibility of shops and stores

  • Payments integration with multiple options

Master Data Management / PIM

  • Designed for Internet Speed

  • Data for multiple channels.

  • Ranked «hot» product by Research Window.

Designed for the future

  • Support for “Big Data”.

  • Natively global.

  • Flexible, extensible and scalable.

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