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In actual market, business organizations should size each of its business units with proper perspective and, define the different strategies to be followed in each of them. These two objectives should be addressed by both large corporations and small and medium enterprises.

Therefore, in the management of the company, it is relevant the definition of those management indicators which allow you measure the extent of achievement of the results defined by the strategic plan, as well as a correct interpretation of those indicators to make appropriate decisions that allow you achieving the established objectives.

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to have business management solutions such as SAP BI, SAP BOBJ, SAP BPC, for anticipating the economic and financial development of the different companies that comprise the organizations and which enable the definition of strategies and appropriate decision making to create value in the different business lines.

  • Improve transparency.
    Making decisions in the context of a global picture of the company and its parties.

  • Decisions making – Information quality.
    Basing decisions on data quality, that is to say, homogenized and global one.

  • Control the process – Simple and adapted use.
    Provide appropriate and powerful tools to all role parties up to the operational level.

  • Quick response – Easy use.
    The analytical vision must «return» to the process, taking actions to improve efficiency and reduce risk.

Our solutions portfolio provides coverage to our customers needs in this area where we have extensive experience and many success stories:

  • Implementation of complete solutions based on standard solutions SAP BI, BOBJ, BPC, etc.

  • Design and construction of dashboards

  • Analysis and design of strategic indicators maps.

  • Making corporate and management reports

  • Analysis of the data sources and transactional processes.

  • Business Reporting: Legal and internal management.

  • Analysis and restructuring of previously installed systems assessment.

  • Implementation of systems based in new dashboard tools: BI, SAP Strategy Management, etc.

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