Among our services, systems integration and logistics processes have a particular importance for our experience and expertise in the area. The management of the supply chain is critical for the optimization of production costs and logistics, as well as good customer service:

  • In distribution centers, it is essential to ensure that the right product is distributed in the right place and time.

  • Moreover, in manufacturing plants, it is necessary to ensure at all times an adequate supply of components to production lines.

  • At the same time, it is desirable that the parameters corresponding to the levels of stock, warehouse and plant productivity, and the supply to customers are maintained at optimal levels.

SAP solutions for the logistics chain management, combined with the experience of our consultants in this area, will let you design and implement the right solutions for each need in the processes of the logistics chain:

  • Management of the logistics performance, solving aspects such as:
    • – Management handling unit , transport and storage,
    • – Order picking operations,
    • – Management deliveries and transport,
    • – Notices of planned requirements and notices of delivery with customers and suppliers.

  • Warehouses Management, implementing solutions for managing all warehouse processes based on SAP WM or SAP EWM:
    • – Design and optimization of warehouse map,
    • – Yard Management,
    • – Management of the input and location processes,
    • – Management of the strategies of picking and exit processes,
    • – Cross-docking,
    • – Management of the internal processes (inventory, internal replenishment among different zones, reorganization of goods, etc.),
    • – Planning and control of the warehouse activities,
    • -Calculation of productivity.

  • SAP Integration with other Warehouse Systems. We are experts in integrations with systems that control automated warehouse operations (locations, sorters, carousels, robots, conveyors, voice picking systems, etc.), with a significant number of successful projects which support our experience.

  • Integration with Logistics Operators. In the event that your company has warehouses externally managed by a logistics operator (warehouse management, and/or preparation and/or transport), we can perform the integration between your SAP system and the logistics operator system. This integration allows you to have and control key information of the outsourced warehouse, being able to optimize the service operator provides you, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

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