Warehouses and Radio Frequency Management.

The warehouse management is an essential part of the supply chain. In distribution centers is essential to ensure that the right product is distributed in the right place and time. Moreover, in manufacturing plants is necessary to ensure at all times an adequate supply of components to production lines, while the parameters corresponding to the levels of stock, warehouse and plant productivity and clients supply remain at optimum levels.


For all that, it is necessary to have a warehouse management system which let you plan and successfully execute warehouse processes, providing a correct control of the levels and location of stock and helping to monitor and optimize the tasks to be performed in the warehouse.

SAP solutions for warehouse management, combined with the experience of our consultants in this area, will let you design and implement a management solution suitable to your warehouse needs, and it will offer you, among others, the following functions:

  • Yard Management
    • – Access control
    • – Management of parking spaces
    • – Management of loading and unloading docks

  • Management of input processes
    • – Planning deliveries to receive
    • – Receipt of goods
    • – Unloading processes
    • – Location assignment based on the corresponding strategy
    • – Confirming the destination location

  • Management of exit processes
    • – Planning deliveries to supply
    • – Management of picking processes
    • – Determination of picking strategies
    • – Confirmation of picking.
    • – Processes of loading
    • – Exit of goods

  • Cross-docking
    • – Planned Cross-docking
    • – Eventual Cross-docking

  • Internal Processes Management
    • – Managing planned physical inventory processes: cyclic, annual, etc.
    • – Unplanned inventory processes: empty location, zero stock in the location, etc.
    • – Reorganization of goods in the warehouse
    • – Managing replenishments among internal warehouse areas
    • – Movements management among warehouses

  • Planning and control of activities in the warehouse
    • – Activities relating to movements of goods
    • – Tasks assignment for operators
    • – Control of itineraries
    • – Goods preparation activities
      • Consolidation and deconsolidation
      • Packing and unpacking
      • Kits preparation

  • Planning and control of the corresponding times to warehouse tasks

  • Calculation of productivity

  • Design and optimization of warehouse map
    • – Definition of types of warehouse racking, stacking, picking, etc.
    • – Definition of the warehouse areas
    • – Definition of areas for high turnover/low turnover goods, etc.
    • – Definition of streets and locations
    • – Allocation and management of storage capacities

  • Management of handling units
    • – Management of pallets and containers
    • – Management auxiliary packaging materials
    • – Management of handling units with multiple levels of packaging
    • – Management of empty containers

The automated warehouse processes using RF terminals, from goods receipt to shipping products to the customer and sending information to the end user, provide you a flexible and automated assistance support in processing of all goods movements (input, location, cross-docking, picking, preparation, and shipment), as well as in maintaining stock inventory in your warehouse complex.


  • Processes automatization via radio frequency
    • – Radio frequency terminals for tasks confirmation
    • – Truck terminals for planning and monitoring tasks
    • – Automated management with RFID tags and arc scanners

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