Multichannel Strategy

The world of multichannel e-commerce requires not only be available for customers, in multiple points of contact (physical stores, online store, mobile devices, catalogs, phone, social networks, etc.) but also offer customers a consistent experience across them. In ASPA, we help you to make the passage from the sale in a single channel to a true multi-channel sales model.

Through our consulting services we offer you all the advice to ensure a proper multichannel sales strategy. We provide a comprehensive view of business that includes the definition of the entire value chain in e-commerce multi-channel processes.

Everything is important to ensure the success of your online business, from marketing strategies to logistics processes of product delivery and return, through the presentation of product data, the definition of the «customer journey», the implementation of up-selling and cross-selling strategies, and without forgetting the policies of «pricing» on different channels. In ASPA, we will help you to ensure that all parts of the strategy of multichannel e-commerce will be part of a coherent and successful positioning. Our consultants can help you to:

  • Implement a true multichannel strategy, where customers can interact with your company through multiple contact points.

  • Design the integration strategy of all channels (physical stores, online, mobile devices, catalog sales, phone, social networks, etc.) to get a full multichannel experience.

  • Define a consistent message across all channels in terms of content, product data, prices, promotions, order tracking, and customer service, looking for an enhanced and personalized purchase experience in all of them.

  • Help you define all aspects of the «end to end» implementation of an agile and efficient e-commerce system, with lower costs of implementation and maintenance.

  • Expand your potential customer database by improving its range using search engine optimization (SEO).

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