MINECO – Support for Processing Substantiated Reports

MINECO – Support for Processing Substantiated Reports

ASPA offered support services to the General Subdivision of Entrepreneurship motivated to make reports for tax deduction for R & D Innovation.

The service provided by ASPA consisted of:

  • A comprehensive review of all substantiated reports prepared by the Subdivision.
  • Completion of free substantiated reports that this Subdivision provides in order to increase collaboration with other agencies. With this project, the Subdivision has improved the information, data and records provided to the Tax Office. The project was carried out within February and December 2012.



Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of the Spanish State, as its Spanish acronym. The SUBDIRECCIÓN GENERAL DE FOMENTO DE LA INNOVACIÓN EMPRESARIAL (General Subdivision of Development for Entrepreneurship) is under the General Directorate of Technology Transfer and Business Development. It is the intermediate body in the management of the Programa Operativo de I+D+I (R & D Innovation Operational Program) by and for the benefit of Empresas – Fondo Tecnológico 2007-2013 (Technology Fund for Companies), which aims to manage 2 billion Euros allocated within FEDER to R & D Innovation.