Rovi – SAP PM Implementation

Rovi – SAP PM Implementation

ASPA has implanted in ROVI Frosst Madrid, the SAP Maintenance Management (SAP PM) solution integrated with the Materials Management (MM) module. Both were integrated with the financial and operating assets modules.

Technical plant objects were modeled from the functional locations, equipment, assemblies and lists of materials. By defining the structure, it was able to have the proper hierarchy to customer needs.

In the case of corrective maintenance or breakdowns, there were taken into account notices and maintenance orders. The operators of the different workshops reported time employed in several operations and warehouse materials used in them. Once completed orders, the responsible reviewed and closed them.

By roadmaps, it was define the relevant operations of maintenance works likely to be standardized, with corresponding durations and materials required.

The corresponding maintenance plans were created for preventive maintenance. These plans were based on time factor and depending on the activity. In the last case, the corresponding counters were defined with appropriate measurement units and the estimated annual business data in computers. By periodically recording of measurement documents, it is estimated the next revision date of the equipment.

The ASPA´s team of SAP consultants was integrated into a larger team of consultants from other companies, ASPA´s consultants being responsible for the implementation of the SAP OM area. The project was conducted within October 2010 and March 2011.

About ROVI.

ROVI Pharmaceuticals Laboratories, Inc. is a chemical and pharmaceutical company that was founded in Madrid in 1946, whose business is concentrated in its own pharmaceuticals, manufacturing for third-parties and distribution of other products for which it is a licensee of other laboratories, devoting all their efforts to the internal and external customers’ satisfaction, to promote health within the society.

ROVI is a Spanish integrated specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in the research, development, manufacture and commercialization of small molecules and biological medical specialties.