Unipapel – Integration of an Automated Warehouse

Unipapel – Integration of an Automated Warehouse



The Customer: UNIPAPEL

Unipapel is the Spanish Business Group leader in the manufacture and processing of paper and paperboard industry. It complements its production activity with the distribution of office and computer supplies through a logistics network equipped with advanced management.

It distributes products from over 40 brands or manufacturers in the sectors of printing, photo and video, image, data storage systems and accessories for computers and telephones. It is also leader in the wholesale distribution of office products in Spain, with over 8,000 references and guaranteed service within the 24 hours.

The Challenge: Leading the European market for wholesale distribution of office supplies and consumables.

In order to achieve the goal of being leaders in the European market distribution, Unipapel Operations Department focuses its efforts on improving the efficiency of the stores of the Group, launching a series of initiatives to increase productivity thereof.

Some of these initiatives include the launch of a voice picking system, the installation of picking high capacity and implementation of automate Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

The Project: Integrate a WMS with the warehouse management module of SAP R/3.

The solution is based on the use of the Warehouse Management System LFS7 integrated with Warehouse Management (WM) module of SAP R/3 for the implementation of warehouse processes.

Integration with SAP R/3 is done through a web-based interface exchange Idocs. By this means, it is available the standard management tools of Idocs: queues display, pending of processing Idocs analysis, reprocessing of wrong Idocs, etc.

With the launch of the new Warehouse Management System has improved the productivity and efficiency of the warehouse and it has been optimized inventory management. The review process and the development of new standards of work have allowed avoiding repetitive tasks with no added value, and every move in the stores is oriented to the preparation of an order with the best guarantees.