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ASPA through the implementation of hybris B2B Commerce platform, helps your company to get the best B2B market solution that allows you to integrate your ecosystem of customers, suppliers and business partners, managing content firmly, contemplating all necessary areas of sales, order performance, after sales services and marketing, all while you provide your customers with a consistent experience across all channels, as well as integration with your ERP system.

In this way, you will get to manage your business relationships, products, services and workflows with a light and flexible way, while providing your users the experience B2C platform type as they are used to experience in the consumer market.

The ASPA consulting team will help you to get the following benefits of Hybris B2B environment:

  • Manage complex relationships with its ecosystem of suppliers, distributors and partners by configuring customized catalogs and prices for each case and using self-service functions (management of customer account, orders, etc.).

  • Ability to manage multiple channels: online, phone, mobile, catalogs, etc.

  • Perform a full integration with your ERP system.

  • Present your products in all their details and features, even if it is of high complexity or detailed technical specifications. Enjoy implementing best practices and functions from B2C to B2B commerce, improving the user experience of the B2B environment.

  • Provide a platform with great performance and scalability.

  • Perform a solution implementation in reduced time and cost competitive via hybris Accelerator.

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