Silesia Plastic (Poland) – SAP WM Module Implementation

Silesia Plastic (Poland) – SAP WM Module Implementation

ASPA has made the implementation of SAP WM warehouse management solution in the facilities of Silesia Plastic (Poland), a company belonging to the Spanish company Grupo Antolín.

The warehouse management application is integrated with the SAP PP integrated production planning module and; with this new system it has full control over the location of materials in the warehouse, as well as updated information in real time about pallets, containers and boxes in the warehouse. Reports on employment levels and pending operations, and the ability to plan and assign tasks to workers allow easy management of store managers.

The map management warehouse system, which has all the information about the different types of pallet, available capacities, strategies and picking location, etc., generates an increase in the utilization of the warehouse and releases the responsible in charge, who now only have to assist to inquiries from operators in exceptional situations.

The efficiency of the warehouse operations has increased, resulting in the productivity of the workers who have at all times in barrows all the information about pending tasks, thus avoiding downtime and consultations to those responsible.

The project was carried out during the first half of 2011.

About Grupo Antolín.

Grupo Antolín is a Spanish multinational leader in the design, development and manufacture of automotive interior components. With a total turnover of around 2,200 million Euros in 2010, operates in 23 countries with 86 plants and 20 technical sales offices. Grupo Antolín has over 11,500 people working in order to achieve full customer satisfaction.

Industrial tradition, financial strength, innovation, quality and respect for the environment, create the differential value of a company like Grupo Antolín in its constant expansion. The ability to research and development is a cornerstone of the strategy of Grupo Antolín, allowing it to offer multi-technological products through the large domain of knowledge areas: materials, advanced simulation techniques, electronics, industrial process safety, acoustics and vibrations, etc.