Mobilepoint/Orange – Outlet Store of Mobile Devices

Mobilepoint/Orange – Outlet Store of Mobile Devices

ASPA has performed the first implantation of hybris multichannel commerce platform held in Spain. The project was carried out in two phases, the first between April and July 2013 and the second between July and September 2013.

The project involved the implementation of a B2C platform for the sale of mobile devices in Outlet format, managed by the company Mobilepoint (, and with direct access from the corporate website of Orange. The project included the implementation of a frontend made in the Hybris WCMS content management module along with the implementation and customization of all the functionality needed to manage business processes at store, management of product catalogs with technical features,detailed specifications and images, order management, call center management and connection to the logistics platform.

Hybris modules implemented were: WCMS, PCM, B2C, Advanced personalization, Order Management, Customer Service, Mobile. Phase I of the project (basic functionality for go-live) was performed in only 10 weeks, based on Hybris Multichannel Accelerator solution, and includes a fully customized frontend based on the corporate image of Orange and a «Customer Journey» specifically designed. In addition, the design of the catalog and the product data model, the integration with the payment gateway, an integration via web services with the Mobilepoint backofice systems, and a basic report management were done.

During the second phase, other aspects not critical to the launch were developed, such as a greater customization of the order management system with the definition of workflows to adapt it to the business processes of Mobilepoint in the area of logistics (direct and inverse), the integration with external logistics execution systems (logistic operator, transport operator), and the construction of advanced dashboards.


About Orange

The Orange Group is one of the leading telecommunications operators in the world with over 232 million customers at 30 September 2013. Spain is the second market of the Orange Group. In Spain, Orange is the alternative reference operator and one of the largest foreign investors in the telecommunications industry, with over 15,000 million Euros of cumulative investment. More than 14 million customers (12,414,000 are mobile and 1,594,000 broadband fixed at September 30, 2013 ) trust in Orange.