SaarGummi – EDI Ford Project

SaarGummi – EDI Ford Project

ASPA has made the automatic integration of demand files sent by FORD (5 clients) via EDI and IDOC with suppliers orders based on that generated demand. In order to integrate the client FORD´s demand into SAP ECC System of SaarGummi, ASPA has taken the following actions:

  • Creation of the Ford Delivery Schedule for updating the EDI demand through this specific document for automotive suppliers.
  • Creation of IDocs as a transaction for processing DESADV format.
  • Creation of IDocs to send purchase needs by SaarGummi through EDIWeb based on demand received from FORD.

This project has achieved the automatic integration of demand sent by FORD, while automating the generation of purchase needs of SaarGummi by their suppliers based on such information.

About SaarGummi.

Saargummi is a German company which produces rubber for the automotive sector. It is engaged in the production of rubber for sealing different parts of the car such as hood, windshield, doors, trunk, etc. The SaarGummi Group works primarily with General Motors, BMW, Daimler, VW and Ford, and it has a turnover of € 390 million and has approximately 4,600 employees. The Spanish SaarGummi plant is located in the city of Loeches in the community of Madrid, its production plant has 14,000 m2 and 170 employees.