Indas – Integration of SAP with the Automated Warehouse

Indas – Integration of SAP with the Automated Warehouse

ASPA has made the integration between SAP and a new automated warehouse designed to be the central element of logistics of INDAS´ finished products warehouse. In order to optimize the results, the project also included a complete re-engineering of business processes of INDAS´ warehouse management. In order to manage communications between SAP WM and automated warehouse, it has been chosen to implement the SAP PI solution. To adapt business processes to store setup, we had taken the following actions:

• The revision of all business processes previously implemented in the application component of SAP WM of INDAS.
• The setting of a new definition of the organizational structure of the application component SAP WM.
• The adaptation up to maximize the development of the existing Radio Frequency and development of new ones to adapt the previous ones to the new business processes.
• The integration and improvement of picking and location strategies in external programs with SAP WM.
• The development of standards for communication between the automated warehouse using SAP WM and SAP PI integrator.

Being the central automated warehouse the logistics element of warehouse processes, integration has impacted all business processes (location, transportation, transfers, replenishment, picking and shipping) that have had to be revised and adapted. With this project, the operational capacity of INDAS´ warehouse of finished products, taking advantage of both process reengineering of SAP WM, as well as the implementation of automated warehouse and its integration into ECC with SAP PI.


INDAS is a Spanish manufacturer leader of health and hygiene products and the largest local manufacturer company. It has an average staff of 460 people and a turnover of € 175.7 million (data of 2011), with two manufacturing plants:

• A major plant in Novés (Toledo) with an area of 115,000 m2 distributed in 26 buildings and a daily movement of 60 trailers and storage capacity of 36,000 pallets.
• A plant in Casablanca, specialized in child health for the Maghreb countries with an average workforce of 35 employees. It has a wide range of products, with significant specialty solutions in absorbent and skin care products. INDAS has an international recognition that leads to a growing global expansion, and it is present in 30 countries today.