Blanco – Implementation of WM for Hung Clothing Warehouse

Blanco – Implementation of WM for Hung Clothing Warehouse


Thanks to the high expertise of our consultants in logistics, we have satisfied the needs of our customer BLANCO, implementing a warehouse management solution that covers all processes, from the entrance of the items in the store until their exit. Such a store receives and sends an average of 80,000 items every week.

In a context of highly optimized logistics processes and leveraging of the latest technologies, the solution implemented by ASPA Consultores, based on the SAP WM module and mobility functions provided by the SAP system, allows to cover thoroughly and effectively all processes of the store, including:

  • Management of goods reception by radiofrequency.
  • Management of warehouse locations.
  • Radiofrequency picking process.
  • Two-way interface with an advanced automatic classification of items.
  • Packing and labeling process.
  • Planning for goods freight to stores.

The implementation of the new SAP warehouse management process, along with new items with automatic classifier integration, can achieve levels of efficiency in the distribution of goods to stores, hitherto unreached. This leads to a decrease of the associated costs in the processes of reception, preparation and dispatch of the apparels.

Additionally, by monitoring and supervision tools implemented, the client has greater control of the warehouse, knowing at all times the state of the goods.


Blanco is a Spanish Multinational Company, dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of all kinds of accessories and clothing for the young urban woman and man. The company offers the latest fashion trends in their own outlets.

The chain is composed, as of today, over 150 stores, including Spain, Portugal, UK and Saudi Arabia, all located in the main areas of the major cities and in the most prestigious shopping centers. They also have nearly 2,000 employees among the stores staff and the people who work at the headquarters and logistics platform.

In addition to creating a unique product, its goal is to offer fashion to their customers and make shopping a pleasant experience. Its target is a young urban audience that demands fashion and quality at reasonable prices. The company sells 18 million apparels a year and has highly optimized logistics processes that minimize the time of supply of goods, with the objective of receiving new models every week.