Blanco – Works Management in SAP

Blanco – Works Management in SAP

The Customer: Blanco

Blanco is a Spanish company specializing in the design, production, distribution and marketing of all kinds of accessories and clothing for women and modern man, a demanding public that demands constant novelty.

It currently has over 200 stores spread all over Spain, Dubai, Greece, Portugal, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia. This requires a few logistical infrastructure , processes and systems in which teams can work in perfect coordination and total flexibility to meet the needs of customers and offer, collection after collection, an excellent product in both design and price, in an attractive way and always in the shortest possible time.

The Project: Implementation of SAP PS Module

The implemented system enables the complete control of the process of building and updating the stores, either for their conservation or upgrade needs, for reasons of image, marketing campaigns, etc. The solution covers the entire process, which basically consists of the planning phase of the work to be performed, the performance thereof and the launch of the store.

The solution is based on the use of SAP R/3, by implementing the Project Management Module (PS) which includes the planning, approval, budgeting, cost tracking and capitalization of assets in order to manage the investment. Besides, it was implemented the materials management area (MM) to reflect the processes related to the award of work contracts with suppliers of materials and installations, and receipt of supplier invoices.


Reports provided by the implemented solution has allowed to have a clear idea of the situation of the work at all times and compare with a particular work or several works similar to each other, allowing among other advantages, to make cost projections and very rough budgets even before starting the work.