Grupo Antolin (CML) – SAP ECC 6.0 Implementation

Grupo Antolin (CML) – SAP ECC 6.0 Implementation

ASPA has made the implementation of SAP ERP ECC 6.0 for CML, a company dedicated to the manufacture of automotive lighting systems belonging to the Spanish multinational Grupo Antolín. The implementation has been done in France and Romania plants aimed to replace the different systems used by CML and align its management processes with management processes of Grupo Antolín.

The main challenge of this project was to develop a business model for the purchase of raw materials, production, storage, sale and distribution of lighting materials. Due to lighting was a new business unit of Grupo Antolín, it was necessary various processes to adapt existing business model. We chose to implement the SAP application component LO- BM Batch Management, along with the following SAP modules: MM, PP, SD, PM, WM, FI, CO, PA, RF. Interfaces were developed according to different customized computer systems as:

• MES Reporting System for production and scraps.
• Management System for nonproductive materials purchases orders with approval system in the workflow.
• System Demand Calculation based on SAP data, sales history and other variables related to market trends.
• Project Management Tool, customized with interface to MM and FI.
With this project, it was defined a valid model for roll -out projects in other plants of this area and the new business unit was integrated to the other units of Grupo Antolín.

About Grupo Antolín

Grupo Antolín is a Spanish multinational leader in the design, development and manufacture of automotive interior components. With a total turnover of around 2,200 million Euros in 2010, operates in 23 countries with 86 plants and 20 technical sales offices. Grupo Antolín has over 11,500 people working in order to achieve full customer satisfaction. Industrial tradition, financial strength, innovation, quality and respect for the environment, create the differential value of a company like Grupo Antolín in its constant expansion. The ability to research and development is a cornerstone of the strategy of Grupo Antolín, allowing it to offer multi-technological products through the large domain of knowledge areas: materials, advanced simulation techniques, electronics, industrial process safety, acoustics and vibrations, etc.